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Making it to Milwaukee on 10 Gallons of Gas

Johnny Molson

Your destination is Milwaukee. You have 10 gallons of fuel and 4 vehicles. You could put 2.5 gallons in each tank and “see what happens.” Or, put all 10 gallons in one tank and have a chance at making it.

You already know the answer.

There are more than 4 advertising “vehicles” out there. It’s tempting to want to test drive them all and “see what happens,” but, you rarely get to your destination. You haven’t put enough gas in the tank to make any of them do their job.

“But, I don’t want to miss talking to those people.”

There will always be people you will not talk to. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Advertising is a game of memory. You want to be the name they remember. The only way you do that is to get to the same people over and over and over. There is no benefit to talking to a person once, then running over there to talk to another person, then running down the block to talk to a third. You end up “kind of” talking to 3 people and selling nothing. Find a group of people you can afford to talk to, and tell them your story. A lot. You cannot predict when they will need you. But, eventually they will need you. You’d better be in their head when that happens.

Who’s driving? Words are driving. The difference between making an ad explode like a supernova or fizzle like a match is your words. I don’t care if it’s on Facebook, a matchbook, or a billboard. Words are all you have. Words drive. Don’t cut corners here. Your ad needs to tantalize, surprise, and entice. However, be wary of flooding the engine. A bloated ad trying to cover too many things in too little time is like driving in zig-zags. Yes, you’re going forward… but, not much. Sacrifice trying to say it all in favor of something tight and clear.

Just do it®.

See? You can accomplish quite a bit without saying much.

And for goodness sake, let me enjoy the scenery:

“Entertainment is the currency that will purchase the attention of your customer.”
-Roy H. Williams

Now let’s get you to Milwaukee (And no changing the destination in the middle of the trip. I promise you will run out of gas).

Johnny Molson


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