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Getting the Word Out About Your Business

Johnny Molson


“A good strategy takes months to come up with, and 10 seconds to explain.”

When a business dips its toe into advertising waters, the noble hope is to “get the word out.” We just gotta “get the word out.”

What word?

Seriously think about that. What word (or words) are you trying to “get out.” You have the right idea; the first step in marketing is taking someone from unawareness to awareness. That step is a whopper of a step. It’s a steep climb up the side of a vertical rock wall. And somebody slathered that wall with olive oil.

Because a huge part of your effort is spent climbing from unawareness to awareness, a huge amount of energy needs to be spent thinking about the “word” you want to “get out.” Tossing out pat words promising “great service” or a “friendly staff” is like climbing the rock wall in house slippers.

Closely observe the ads of your competitors. Observe all ads on a macro level. 83% of them say very little. Platitudes may sound good by themselves, but when matched-up with others they start to sound very common and predictable.

A search for “lawn care” in Sacramento shows me I can choose from one place that claims to be “top notch,” another that says they are “the best,” and a third claims “top quality and professional.” The same search in Ft. Collins, Colorado shows me a lawn care service asserting they are “Northern Colorado’s trusted lawn care company,” while a direct competitor declares they are a “trusted community staple.” (????)

They can’t all be awesome. Or maybe they are all awesome. Or maybe…they are perfectly acceptable and will get the job done.

“Sanders Lawn and Garden guarantees golf course green grass in your yard from March to October, or we’ll refund you 150% of your fees.”

Blammo! Get me Sanders on the phone! Sanders drove right to the heart of what matters to you most. A golf course green lawn. You want a green lawn.

That took some thought. That took some guts. That took some planning.

Picking out the right “word” to “get out” requires all of those things. A good strategy takes months to come up with, and 10 seconds to explain. Strategy and words must be meaningful, useful, persuasive and bold. It has to stand alone in a sea of “sameness.” It has to speak right into the heart of a segment of customers and leave them saying “woah…I gotta at least check them out.”

Yes. Get the word out. But make it a damn good word.


Johnny Molson

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