What Penguins Know About Marketing


People will come with new ideas.  Thank them politely, and move on.

They’re persistent little buggers.  They nest.  They walk over 150 miles to get food.  Walk back the same distance.  Almost always to the same mate.

That’s commitment.

You could probably use a little penguin mentality in your marketing.  A major part of your marketing is building a strategy.  You decide, “I’m married to this penguin, and I’m going on this journey.”  You’ve worked hard to find that magic open position in the mind, don’t let it go.

Sometimes a storm comes up and pushes you off your penguin course.  Undeterred, you hold on with all you’ve got.  The storm passes, and you are back on your path.  A very deliberate, very specific path.

You get to the feeding spot… the exact spot you picked out… the exact spot you went to last year.  Tomorrow, you begin back.  The exact penguin you left behind.  It all starts over.

Be very wary of being knocked off your path once you’ve started a marketing campaign.  People will come with new ideas.  Thank them politely, and move on.  If a storm comes your way, keep your head down.  But, keep moving.
White papers are full of tales of businesses that came to prominence during tough economic times.  The other guy stopped marketing.  Left a hole wide open, and in walked the likes of GE, Burger King, Microsoft, and Southwest Airlines.

Don’t stop.  Marketing is the energy bill that you pay to keep your company running.

How does a penguin know when he’s done?  He doesn’t.   Because he never is.

Now go waddle to your company and make great things happen.

Johnny Molson

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