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How to Have an Effective Brainstorming Meeting | Wizard’s Roundtable

Johnny Molson

“Brainstorming” is more than just “throwin’ ideas around.”

It’s a method developed by Alex Osborn (the “O” in BBDO), and Dr. Sidney Parnes in the middle of the last century.  The Osborn/Parnes method is the foundation of nearly every professionally facilitated idea-generation meeting in the past 70 years.

My guest today on the Wizard’s Roundtable is Dr. Robert Alan Black.  He’s a consultant and author who has traveled the world helping businesses build a more creative culture.

You’ll learn what brainstorming is, and is not, along with ways to put together more effective meetings.  “Every human being is born with the capacity to think creatively,” according to Dr. Black. “…but every culture, religion, organization and school wants conformity.”

If you feel your business might be creatively stuck, I hope this video will be useful.

Johnny Molson

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