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I’m Proud of You (Us)

Johnny Molson

I’m proud of you and us.

I’m proud you’re showing us there is more good than bad.

I’m proud you wash your hands longer than you normally do.

I’m proud you ask, “how can I help?”

I’m proud you keep your distance.  And your sense of humor.

I’m proud you pay attention to the news when you can, and turn it off when you should.

I’m proud we’re figuring it out together.  And we’re confused together.

I’m proud you take just what you need and no more.

And spread kindness instead of rumors.  And forgive those who do, because they’re also scared.

I’m proud you got some rest and had some fruit.

I’m proud you talk honestly with your kids and play goofy games so they laugh today.

I’m proud you smile at the cashier and ask “how are you,” because, this time, you really want to know.

I’m proud of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx.  I hope they get some rest and a piece of fruit, too.

I’m proud you share funny memes because laughter has never been more important.

I’m proud “Flatten the Curve” and “Social Distancing” are words we all use.

I’m proud you took a walk. Because air is free and good for you.

I’m proud you keep your head.  And help someone pick theirs up when it goes flying off for a second.

I’m proud you aren’t touching your face.  Except for just now, because I put the idea in your brain.

I’m really proud of doctors, nurses, and the unsung people who mop and manage our hospitals.

And I’m proud you’re doing what you’re supposed to do…because, right now, it’s all we can do.

Be well.  Stay healthy.


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