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What do you believe?

About Us

What we believe






  • We believe in the 5.91 million American businesses reported by the US Census that have more than 1, but fewer than 100 employees.

  • We believe in courageous owner-operators.

  • We believe the message makes the media work; the media does not make the message work.

  • We believe in reaching the influencers, not just the target customer.

  • We believe that everyone should be saying good things about you.

  • We believe in bold strategies and elegant ad writing.

  • We believe entertainment is the currency that will purchase the attention of your customer.

  • We believe in TV, Radio, Billboards, Direct Mail, Online Video and Social Media.

  • We believe in ads that are new, surprising and different.

  • We believe you have the ability to grow BIG.

  • We believe we have the ability to help you.

  • We believe you should hire us.

  • What do you believe?

Our fees are tied to your growth

That ain't normal

We believe it’s important to work for you…and only you.  We don’t take a commission or kickbacks from any media. 

We don’t care about media. 

We only get a raise if your company gets a raise.  Sound fair?