Turning Words Into Magic

and Dreamers into Millionaires

We believe everyone should be saying good things about you.

We believe in bold strategies and elegant writing.

We believe you have the ability to grow BIG.

See What Else We Believe

This is how we do that voodoo we do

1.  Research

1. Research

What's going on?

2.  Strategy Development

2. Strategy Development

Strategy before tactics. Always.

3.  Message Development

3. Message Development

The message is the kerosene that makes it work.

5.  Maintaining

5. Maintaining

We neither set nor forget.

5.  Tracking

5. Tracking

Ongoing tracking of progress

6.  Accountability

6. Accountability

Our fees are tied to your growth. Nothing more.

Helpful Articles

Mistakes aren’t wrong. Wrong isn’t a mistake.

Don’t make those commercials too slick. People will slide right off.

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Twelve Most Common Mistakes in Advertising - Roy H. Williams

These 12 mistakes were penned by Roy Williams in The Wizard of Ads, ch 35, pp. 79-81 1. The desire […]

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Formulas and Recipes

Formulas are fixed. Recipes are malleable.

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The Deception of Earholes and Eyeballs

Advertising is a memory game. You remember the things that are repeated often.

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This Never Works

"How did you hear about us" will never give you the answer you're looking for.

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Same Same Sameity Same Same

Psychologists call it habituation. Marketers call it the enemy.

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Actually, Most Things Will Be the Same

The world will change...but not much

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Basically the Basics

Your brand is an invisible link between your company and your product category.

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