About The Wizard of Ads Partners

Wizard of Ads, Inc is a collaboration of like minded marketing professionals around the world.

Each business we work for has unique marketing challenges.  With our international group of brilliant (although slightly crazy) specialists, we can build a team that brings in just the pros you need, without all the other extra stuff.

We have:

  • Writers

  • Strategists

  • Media buyers

  • Digital experts

  • Graphic designers

  • Audio and Video experts

  • Customer experience pros

  • Direct response practitioners

  • B2B Wizards

We don’t do the typical “billable hours” thing because we believe there’s too much of an opportunity to fudge.

We don’t take a percentage of your media buy, because we believe in staying completely neutral in the media we choose.

We DO take responsibility with our recommendations.  Our income is tied to your success.  If you go up, we go up.  If you go the other way, we get a pay cut, too.

There are many things we do that are out of the norm in the marketing industry, but once you get to know what we’re all about it makes sense.

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J. Molson & Partners 
1 W. Old State Capitol 
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 836-7841

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